“Living is more than what you “do”. ~ For Better Relationships honor your true self”.

Molly Anne Summers.

Summers For Direction and Healing

“Molly Summers came into my life in March of 2022. A friend had recommended her to me. I was in a terribly dark place…estranged from my daughter, confused beyond measure & extremely vulnerable. My days were spent crying, doubting my self worth, and finding no joy. My nights were sleepless.

Molly’s calming ways, genuine concern, and the ability to truly listen, slowly started to help me find myself. She listened to my fears, and gave me tools to deal with them. When a crisis occurred a few months after I started working with Molly, I truly don’t know my husband & I would have navigated without her.

This experience with Molly has been my first with a coach, and I am ever so grateful to my friend for recognizing I needed more then “just talking to a friend” to help myself get beyond the pain. I have learned so much these past 10 months & I am so grateful to Molly.”

– Terry B.


Uncover Your True Self

Gain Confidence, Sustainable Tools and Energy.

SOAR To Achieve All The Limitless Possibilities That Await you.

“I first came to Molly Anne when I needed advice on a specific problem, and immediately she helped me uncover how my reactions/emotions to that one problem revealed the underlying qualities that were causing me to react in the way that I was. In other words, Molly Anne tackles the causes of your problems, rather than simply solving an individual problem by itself.”

– Lina S.

“Molly Anne Summers is an amazing life coach. Her kindness, compassion, and uplifting spirit truly touch the heart. I deeply value the time we’ve spent together and the tremendous progress she has helped me make in my life. I would still be stuck in “life after divorce” limbo, without any goals or direction in my life and I would not have this much courage to push forward without her support.”

– Kathy D.

What’s Different About Us?

Summers For Direction and Healing

Life Coach

Are you tired? Struggling in your relationships? How is your relationship with your adult children? Do you want to learn how to navigate being an adult, beyond what you do? You will understand the boundaries of being a parent. You will identify who you are beyond the labels you wear. You will have clear steps as to uncovering your identity. Go from Successful to Significant when you remove the “labels” from your identity. Discover what really matters to you. Where do you spend your time, money, and energy?

Releasing Trapped Emotions

Are you tired of being haunted by things that happened in your past? Do you find yourself reliving those moments over and over…”I should have said this”, “I should have done that”? Do you find yourself feeling snappy, or downright ***chy for no real reason at all? 

How comfortable are you with sitting in absolute quietness for more than 10 minutes? Do you like to keep yourself busy, so your mind doesn’t go to ‘unhappy’ thoughts? Are you mentally exhausted from all the ‘what if’ scenarios that play over and over and over in your mind like a broken recorder?

What if I told you, I understand.

The first step is to understand where these voices and replays come from. 

How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

Heal Your Open Wounds

Uncover Your True Self, The Gifts You Have to Offer, And How Your Gifts Are a Part of Your Purpose.

Gain Confidence, joy and a sense of direction.

See yourself beyond the labels that you carry.

What’s Included?

All Clients Can Expect the Following:

1-hour sessions

A monthly motivational letter/blog

2 inspirational texts a week

Unlimited exchange of emails between you and me

Meet The Founder

Molly Anne Summers

Would you like to have better relationships with your adult children? Would you like to be seen as more than a parent? Are you respected as an individual beyond being a professional?

Now that your kids are grown and you are either settled in your career or retired, you need to re-discover “you”.

You will learn to effortlessly navigate all your relationships. Every situation is a relationship. Work situations, family situations, spouse situations and friendships.

You will realize that to be in a loving relationship first you must most importantly love, respect and value yourself.

You will find that you already have the answers, you just need to trust the process.

I am a Certified Professional Holistic Life Coach treating the mind, body, and spirit with over 3000 hours as a practitioner. As a professional coach I am required to have continuing education.

As a Holistic Life Coach, I include spirituality in my coaching. I follow the teachings of Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, Dr. John Demartini, Brene’ Brown, and more.

As a Certified Energy Healer, I will release trapped emotions to remove blockages. I will use a trained method of Energy Healing to remove blocks of trauma, fear, and negative beliefs.

You will then feel so much lighter and emotionally free.

30-Minute Complimentary Session

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